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If you want a ring that will truly turn heads, look no further. Superconductor is an alloy of titanium and niobium (which are the filaments you see) and then surrounded by copper. The copper is then etched away revealing a truly out-of-this-world pattern throughout the ring. Each ring is meticulously handmade and unique, so no two rings will ever look alike. 


Some rings will expose more or less copper based on the size of the ring. I can etch the ring in acid (like how it looks in the photos) or I can leave it with a smooth finish. 


You can watch me make the ring here



I cannot recommend enough to go to a jeweler to accurately get your ring size. Most places will do it for free. I've found that there's too much margin for error when trying the "at home" methods you see online. It's heartbreaking when it doesn't fit!



Superconductor rings are very difficult and very time-consuming to make. I also meticulously go over every detail to ensure that my rings are of the highest quality. So for these reasons, please allow a 4-6 week build time per order. I also offer worldwide shipping. 



Superconductor is very durable and should last a lifetime. However, you should be aware that the copper may oxidize over a long period, forming a natural patina. You can safely clean your ring with soap and water. Also, do not use abrasive cleaners on it because it could ruin the finish. I recommend not wearing your ring when using heavy machinery, gardening, playing sports and things of that nature. 



I offer a lifetime warranty with all of my rings. If a problem arises with your ring, please don't hesitate to reach out to me and I'll take care of you. However, because the patterns vary greatly with superconductors, I will not replace the ring based on it looking different from the photos on the website.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please use the contact page before purchasing the ring.

Superconductor Ring (Small Filament)

$649.00 Regular Price
$519.20Sale Price

20% Off!

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