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These rings were voted upon by my wonderful community and feature a black ceramic ring band, purple glow, and white opals. Each ring was meticulously handmade by myself and no two rings will be exactly the same.


You can watch me make this ring here


Each ring comes with a lifetime warranty, Free Shipping, a ring box, a UV flashlight keychain and a bag of candy (the best part of course).


Note: If you want to wear the ring as a necklace, please write in the "notes" section of the check out page and I will send you one for free!


Ring care: Avoid getting acetone (commonly found in nail polish remover) on the inlay of the ring. It could melt the inlay. Also, avoid getting rubbing alcohol on the ring. It could cloud the inlay of the ring.

Community Voted Ring #1

$149.00 Regular Price
$119.20Sale Price

20% Off!

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